Valentine’s Day for these kids is all about moms, and great-greats, and lots of candy

Published 7:46 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Students at Woodson Kindergarten Center are what you might call Valentine Day rookies — after all, they had only celebrated it in school on a limited basis before this year.

But that did not keep them from responding to queries about what the day was all about.

The Herald gathered up six students from Sean Daugherty’s class, and they had many ideas about the ways of the heart.

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“It’s about caring about each other and it’s about giving to other people and it’s about presents and it’s about giving candy and it’s about chocolate and it’s about giving Valentine cards,” said Sophia Johnson, a bit breathlessly.

She wasn’t, however, much of a fan of the color red – popular in the hearts and roses scheme of things – but she did confide she really liked purple and blue, just in case anyone was interested.

Kenley Pepper thought Jesus’ birthday might have something to do with the holiday – but classmates said even if it wasn’t, it was a good thought.

Kenley has a special Valentine, though – her name is Ellie and she is special, because “she plays with me a lot.”

Jeovatdze Santiago Mendoza said Valentine’s Day in her family is all about her mom “giving me marshmallows; then I give her a gift.”

Her favorite Valentine, though, is her dad.

“He loves me,” she said with a smile.

Louisa Sorenson knew about Valentine Day traditions, but her sweetheart was different than most: “It’s my baby brother,” she said.

“Because he’s so cute!” she exclaimed. “He is one year old. And he says funny things. He’ll be sitting in his high chair and then he’ll look around and say, ‘Uh, oh.’”

Rauhan Downey has even more reason than most to love Valentine’s Day. It’s his birthday, too.

“We’ll go out to supper” for his birthday, he said. (And, just in case Mom or Dad is reading this, Rauhan wants a FlipaZoo).

“And I want a Fitbit, too” he said.

He said his grandmother was his sweetheart.

“She’s so nice,” he said, nodding. “She lives in town, but she never gets in a car. She can walk to work.”

Demarjae Mattson had the last word on Valentine’s Day. And that word, he said:

“Is love, it’s for love,” he explained.

“And for Paint the Town Pink,” he said, noting that pink is a good Valentine color, too.

He won the sweetheart award among the group – because he had four special Valentines.

“My mom, because she never gets mad,” he said. “And my dad, because he’s happy mostest of times. He likes to draw, and I like that. My grandmother, because she is the nicest and she makes me hot cocoa.

“And my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother,” he said excitedly.

Even though she is no longer with the family, he said, she is in spirit.

“She was special, too,” he said.