Reports says Minnesota flooding odds below normal

Published 8:02 am Monday, February 26, 2018

WINONA — The National Weather Service says spring flooding in southeast Wisconsin is expected to be in the normal to slightly below-normal range because of below-normal snow depths in surrounding areas.

Winona has a 28 percent chance of having minor flooding of 13 feet, an 18 percent change of having moderate flooding of 15 feet and a 12 percent change of having major flooding of 18 feet, the Winona Daily News reported.

“Overall, the flood potential for the coming spring looks to be near or below normal for much of (southwest Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa), with just a few tributaries of the Mississippi slightly more likely to experience some degree of flooding,” the spring flood report said.

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Further north along the Mississippi, Wabasha has a higher chance for minor flooding with a 51 percent chance that water will reach 12 feet. However, there’s just an 11 percent chance of reaching the major flooding stage of 18 feet.

The agency’s spring report also says the region’s deep frost of two to three feet could lead to heavy runoff as spring approaches. Ice cover on rivers could also contribute to flooding, but is dependent on heavy rains.

The weather service will issue its next flood prediction report March 1.