Letter: Thanks to all who help make Austin bloom

Published 8:21 am Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Once again our community has come together for the 23rd year to make sure that our beautiful flower baskets will be hanging and the flower beds and flower pots will be brimming with blossoms next summer. This is a great project that shows what can be done because of the generosity of so many people!

We want to thank the many individuals and businesses who donate the funds that we need from the community. This year we had over 110 donations and we reached our goal! These donations, along with those from the Hormel Company and the City of Austin, complete our program.

Our project is such a success because of many people. We want to thank Hillside Nursery in Hollandale. They have been preparing our baskets for several years now and do such a fine job. And then there is our wonderful Park and Rec Department! They plant the flowers and take care of them all summer long. And we are so proud of the people who are hired to ride the water carts and keep our flowers looking beautiful!

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We also appreciate the help of the City Finance Department which accepts the donations and City Administration which sends out the thank yous.

Enjoy the rest of our winter and remember to check downtown the middle of May and see if our beautiful flower baskets have been put up yet! That day is one of our most favorite days in Austin!

Thank you,

Ron Myer and Josh Diaz, Piggy Blues

Mayor Tom Stiehm

Bonnie Besse Rietz