Letter: Clarifying STEAM event at I.J. Holton

Published 7:58 am Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The article published in the Herald on Feb. 24 entitled “STEAM-Powered Learning” is misleading to readers.

It describes 700 students presenting projects at the STEAM Expo on Friday afternoon; however, the STEAM Expo (the name of the Austin public schools science fair) was held on Friday morning, during which just over one hundred fifth and sixth grade students presented projects.

The event you are actually reporting on is the open house that followed the STEAM Expo. The article seems to communicate that 700 projects were displayed during the STEAM Expo event. While 700 students at IJ Holton may have completed projects as part of class requirements, only a little over 100 of those projects were actually displayed during the STEAM Expo event that morning for evaluation by the judges.

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Catherine Haslag