Check out the new E-edition of the Austin Daily Herald

Published 8:32 am Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Like to keep updated on things happening in the community but prefer to read about them on a mobile device or computer? Wish you could read a story online without any interruptions?

Now you can.

The Austin Daily Herald has launched an E-edition platform of the newspaper, which gives readers a digital replica of the print edition of the paper online for only a small price every month.

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Readers can turn the pages as they would the regular newspaper, seeing stories and advertisements presented exactly as they were in the print form — giving you control over seeing as little or as much as you want to see.

Once you look at a page, you can double click into a story, and the site will bring you into a dynamic view of the article, where you can do things such as increase or decrease font size, print the story from your computer or share it on social media.

The digital edition also provides added benefit to advertisers who will now have more eyes on their advertisements and hyperlinks to go from an advertisement to a company’s own website — thus increasing search engine optimization.

We encourage you to check it out. If you are already a print subscriber, you can add it for only $1 per month; otherwise, you can get it alone for $6 a month. To get started check out and click on the red “Subscribe” tab. If you have any questions, call 1-507-434-2213.