Alleged escapee charged

Published 8:07 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Travis Charles Wytaske, 33, of Austin was charged on Monday in Mower County District Court with felony escape from custody.

Travis Charles Wytaske, 33

According to the court complaint, Mower County deputies initially arrested Wytaske on Dec. 23 in Lansing Township on a probation violation warrant in Dodge County. Wytaske asked if they could stop by his apartment on the way to jail to pick up some personal items. A deputy agreed because Wytaske was being cooperative.

They arrived at Wytaske’s apartment and the deputy walked with him to the second floor, according to the complaint. Wytaske was crying because his birthday was the next day and he didn’t want to spend Christmas in jail. Wytaske then entered a room, closed the door and allegedly jumped from the window and fled on foot.

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The deputies followed Wytaske’s tracks around the neighborhood, where it appeared he had been picked up by a vehicle, according to the complaint. Wytaske’s father, who was at the apartment, agreed to call law enforcement if Wytaske returned.

Wytaske was arrested again on Sunday.

A review of Wytaske’s criminal history shows prior convictions for theft, check forgery, assault, violating an order for protection and drug possession.

Wytaske will appear in court again on March 12.