The Wide Angle: My idea of random — a postseason on the road

Published 8:45 am Saturday, November 11, 2017

The last couple weeks have been a parade of random only because my schedule had me on the road a lot for various playoffs.

So, in the spirit of nothing adhering to what I would call a normal column, here’s a run-through random for you.

Doubt me never Blooming Prairie faithful.

First an observation. Never doubt I will take your picture. Especially if you call my name while I’m on the sideline. I have an ego to serve so, yeah, I’ll play to you.

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That became evident when some Blooming Prairie students called my name while I was walking on the sidelines of the Blossoms Section 1A title game against Goodue last week.

I turned to their calls, waved and took the photo. They smiled like they should for a picture and then later that night I posted it.

Apparently, according to  some on my Twitter feed, there was some doubt as to whether or not I took the picture.

Of course I took the picture. Remember? Ego.

Brown. Just brown

The Minnesota State High School League installed a new rule at things like state soccer and probably a few other events, that photographers need to wear a brown vest on the sidelines.

I don’t see the point, but I don’t make the rules. I live to follow, but let’s be honest here. Is there ever a good way to wear brown?

These vests, while yes I understand serve a purpose not a fashion, are just — well they are brown. If we’re going to need the vests I think we should be given the option to accessorize. Myself, I’ve always been a skull kind of guy. Maybe some leather with spikes.

Rock ‘n’ roll baby!

I shook my booty

Sticking with state soccer, I am able to cross off a dream on my ever-running list of things I need to do before life becomes too depressing with adult crap.

I was involved in the “Shake your booty” chant thanks to a very fun Austin student body.

Not familiar with this chant? Well it starts off with the crowd or cheerleaders shouting the question, “Hey [insert name here].”

The response is “Hey what?” to which the question is posed again and ultimately you, the said subject, will be required to shake said booty.

They did this with me during the first half and yes I shook my booty, because when the fan base asks you to do something you do it.

Nevermind the fact that they had to guide me through it. When the question was asked I simply turned around requiring Paiton Schwab to prompt me what to say next.

*Sigh* I’m such an amateur.

Here’s a fun fact

Always double-check your recipe when making something, especially if that something is as involved as lasagne.

Lasagne is like the building development of food. Vast amounts of planning, making sure you have all the resources, purchasing the vast amount of resources, construction and grand opening.

That being said, I neglected to see the hour and a half simmer time on sauce so when I finally started at 5 p.m. on a Sunday night, it began to dawn on me that we wouldn’t be eating until roughly the following week.

I’m a horrible cook sometimes. Guess I’ll give up my foreman’s helmet.

I’m not crazy — ask my cat

You ever try to convince your cat of something, rationalizing your point and trying to get it to actually wait until 7 a.m. to be fed rather than the 6 a.m. it wants to be fed at?

No? Me either. Asking for a friend.

I won’t turn them on, I won’t turn them on

Like a track meet, stores came out of the blocks for the 100-meter Christmas dash as soon as 12:01 a.m. hit on Nov. 1

I do not recognize Christmas this early. I refuse to and in protest we left our Halloween skeleton out front along with our jack-o-lantern. Take that you jolly old elf. You just take that.

At any rate, this weekend I’m probably going to put our Christmas lights up just to beat any snowfall we might be getting in the near or far-flung future.

I don’t like it mind you and I will not light them until we get closer to Thanksgiving, no matter what Neil Diamond urges in the Christmas CD that is currently speaking to me from my collection.

Not even for you, Neil.