Y’Adam Kpa is Austin Noon Kiwanis Student of the Month

Published 7:48 am Monday, October 16, 2017

Beginning the epic journey, I’ve taken various classes at my local high school. My favorite academic experience has to be all my classes. I honestly love learning, and discovering things I haven’t yet, so these are my favorite subjects: mathematics, social studies, fine arts, and physical education.


I’m involved in and out of school activities, and programs. During my time at Austin High I was involved in track and field, wrestling, football, soccer and amateur boxing that was out of school. I didn’t stick to them instead having the experience of fun. Also, I was in drama club in the cities; I really enjoy acting, dancing, producing my own scripts and making films. Therefore, that leads me into music, and graphic design which have found a rigorous expression of my creativity. Then, I started producing music and beats for local artists, helping them improve their craft as for me too!

My post-secondary plans are to attend a suitable art school in my state or out of state to experience a different environment that will fit me to better (and give me) opportunities for success. I hope to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I get my majors or degrees. If any other options come to mind I will study in engineering, or some minor career choices at a community college then transfer to another college or university.

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The one word that is important to me is family. My family is a major part in my life; they have been supporting me since birth. They give me joy when I’m on the opposite side of the tunnel or when hard times come they’re always there to comfort me, and that is amazing. I love this because spending time with your family is satisfying, and why not have some wonderful memories with them.