Angry wife arrested, allegedly bites Mower County Jail deputy

Published 8:02 am Friday, October 20, 2017

Austin woman facing felony assault charge

An Austin woman arrested on Wednesday by police responding to a domestic disturbance report in the 1100 block of Sixth Avenue Northwest is facing felony charges for allegedly biting, punching and scratching a Mower County Jail detention deputy.

Anna Christine Drexl, 37

According to the criminal complaint, Anna Christine Drexl, 37, was arrested after police witnessed her shouting at her husband from their front yard and saw scratches on the man, who said she also struck him with an open hand on the side of his head and might have broken his left eardrum. Police told him to go to the hospital to have his ear examined.

The husband said Drexl was drunk and started arguing with him about a child abuse issue that occurred in Dakota County earlier in the year. She lost her temper, broke items in the residence and attacked him. He locked himself and the couple’s minor child in the bedroom and called police.

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In the jail, Drexl yelled and argued with female detention deputies as she was escorted to the shower area. She then bit a deputy in the left thigh, scratched the deputy’s neck, chest and arms and punched her in the face.

Pictures of the injuries were taken.

The complaint seeks one count of fourth-degree assault on a correctional employee, a felony with a maximum sentence of two years and a $4,000 fine, as well as misdemeanor domestic assault, which carries a maximum sentence of 90 days and a $1,000 fine.