Letter: Unfinished street projects frustrate Austin residents

Published 10:16 am Sunday, September 17, 2017

With all of the construction in Austin, the city engineers have over-committed their resources. They are not able to finish projects they had prepared for. The residents that live on these streets that have had no work even started but are being billed, and payments are expected before a shovel of dirt has even been turned.

I have heard of a few complaints from residents, but I became more aware when I received a letter from the City Clerk stating such. Quote: “Enclosed please find a statement showing the amount of the assessment for street improvements, which was constructed adjacent to your property at 303 1st Street SW.”

The amount of the assessment was approved at public hearing in March, but this was assumed the construction would be complete, which it is not. This has many residents in the area upset. They stated the construction would be started in the spring. Did anyone ever educate the government workers what the present value of a dollars means? This has been very inconvenient for the residents. When these streets were going to close for access, some arrangements had to be made for access/parking and other things we call life. At the end of the day, why do citizens have to pay for something that has not happened yet, but in the letter sent it clearly states that it has? To top it off if not paid in full they charge 4.5 percent interest.

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Michael Turvey, Austin