Volleyball: Athletics turn to a new coach

Published 8:04 pm Friday, August 18, 2017

After a two-year hiatus from helping out with the Lyle-Pacelli volleyball team, Tammy Truckenmiller is ready to take over the program.

Truckenmiller, who has been a junior high and JV coach in the past, is back as head coach of the Athletics, where she will get a chance to push the program where she wants it.

“There’s a lot more responsibility when you’re a head coach,” Truckenmiller said. “There’s a lot more paper work and you have to run practices. When you’re an assistant you just kind of come in and help out, but as a head coach you’re in charge of the whole program.”

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LP went 11-15 overall last season and the team is hoping make an improvement on that mark. LP seniors Brooke Walter, Kendal Truckenmiller and Grace Einck will all be key in leadership roles and all three are helping Tammy with the adjustment of being head coach.

“Having kids who have been here for awhile made it easier for me to step up and be the head coach,” Tammy said.

Walter said the team is making an adjustment from former head coach Lauren Cost to playing under Tammy, who the whole team was familiar with before this season.

“It’s different from coach Lauren and we loved coach Lauren. Now we’re excited for this season and to see what Tammy’s going to bring to our team,” Walter said. “It’s easy with her because we know what to expect.”

New Lyle-Pacelli head coach Tammy Truckenmiller looks on during practice in Lyle Tuesday. Rocky Hulne/sports@austindailyherald.com

Einck has embraced the role of being a leader this season as she’s looking to keep volleyball going with the next generation of Athletics.

“We’re starting off a new program and we’re mentoring the JV girls and hopefully they’ll mentor the girls younger than them,” Einck said. “I think that will help a lot with the team.”

Tammy is hoping the Athletics will be piling up some wins this season and she’s also hoping her players get a positive experience.

“I want us to be competitive, but I also want us to have great sportsmanship and I want us to play together as a team,” Tammy said.

LP will host Houston in Pacelli 7:15 p.m. on Aug. 29.