Shamrock pet care; Pacelli daycare students continue tradition, raise money for Mower County Humane Society

Published 9:03 am Tuesday, August 15, 2017

During the month of July, kids at Pacelli Catholic School’s Shamrock Zone Daycare learned about giving back to the community by helping raise money for the Mower County Humane Society. This is the fourth year students have helped raise money for the Humane Society.

“The whole month was dedicated to pets,” said Pacelli early childhood director Sara McMahon.

The kids collected items like paper towels, dog toys, fabric softener and empty aluminum cans to donate to the Humane Society.

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They also participated in their annual car wash, which raised $193 this year.

Mower County Humane Society President Barry Rush introduces Paisley, and English Coonhound, to students of the Pacelli Shamrock Zone daycare.

“It’s something they talk about the rest of the year,” McMahon said. “They always ask when they can do it again.

Last week, a special visitor got to thank the students. Mower County Humane Society President Barry Rush brought Paisley, an English coonhound, to meet the children last Wednesday.

“They were super excited,” McMahon said. “We were playing on the playground when they saw the van pull up. They saw the dog and they immediately lined up without being told.”

Rush also accepted the donations made by the Shamrock Zone children.

McMahon said Paisley’s visit got the children excited about the Humane Society.

“They asked to go to Humane Society to see more animals,” she said.

Pacelli Sharock Zone students pet English Coonhound Paisley.