Results: Mower County Fair hosts Go Kart races

Published 6:17 pm Thursday, August 10, 2017

SMS Promotions brought Go Kart Racing to the 2017 Mower County Fair Wednesday Night.

SMS runs the 56 Speedway Go Kart Track just south of Brownsdale on an every other Friday Night schedule during the summer.   

The weekly program features classes for four age groups: the Putt-Putt class for the 4-to-7 year olds, three classes for 8-to-12 year olds (Rookie Class, Junior 1 Gas, Junior 1 Alcohol), two classes for 12-to-16 year olds (Junior 2 Gas, Junior 2 Alcohol), and six classes for 16-and-up (Stock Appearing, Clone Lean, Clone Buff, Adult 206, Stock Heavy Animal, and Run What You Brung).

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Engine, Clutch, Exhaust, Fuel Choice, and Weight Restrictions are the key areas that determine the different classes. Entries in each class get three races. They run two heats and a feature.


Putt Putt (4-7 Year Olds)

Feature: Lucas DenHerder, Kailynn Black, Braylon Manderfield, Parker James, Elizabeth Miner, Carson James, Zander Johnson

Junior 1 Gas (8-12 Year Olds)

Feature: Seth Johnson, Joshua Monson, Levi DenHerder, Travis Manderfield, Dale Schwamman, Dal Schwamman, Bentley Packman, Jacob Weinberger, Taylor Manderfield, Chase Vick

Junior 2 Gas (12-16 Year Olds)

Feature: Ashton Pankow, Katelyn Wilson, Haylee Smith

Junior 2 Alcohol (12-16 Year Olds)

Feature: Michael Bryant, Jacob Monson, Mason Barker, Katelyn Wilson 

Stock Appearing (16 and Up)

Feature: Derek Berndt, Charlie Tufte, Michael Barker, Randy Melvin, *Braeden Allen, Nate Manderfield, Dave Bjorge, Matt Edwards

Clone Lean (16 and Up)

Feature: Paul Tufte, Curtis Hortop, Levi Selly

Clone Buff (16 and Up)

Feature: Grant Meany, Matt Grant, Jason Deyo, Adam Stevens, Blake Peterson, Cory Black, Kyle Wilaert, (NS Berndt)

Adult 206 (16 and Up)

Feature: Matt Tighe, Blayne Parks, Nate Manderfield, Levi Selly, Daisy Heine, Adam Stevens

Run What You Brung (16 and Up)

Feature: Braeden Allen