Inmate charged in Mower County Jail attack

Published 3:57 pm Monday, August 28, 2017

David Michael Mattson-Fuller

A man recently sentenced for felony terroristic threats was charged on Monday in Mower County District Court for allegedly attacking another inmate.

David Michael Mattson-Fuller, 19, of Austin was charged with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon-substantial bodily harm and third-degree assault-substantial bodily harm.

According to the court report, jail staff responded to a fight between two inmates on Aug. 7 in the common area of the Mower County Jail.

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An inmate said he was attacked by Mattson-Fuller, with whom he’d been in conflict with for a couple of days. The inmate described Mattson-Fuller as a “bully” who “thinks he runs everything and controls everything.”

The inmate said Mattson-Fuller had been “locked up” for putting his feet up on a table in the common area. Upon his release, Mattson-Fuller came to the common area and put his feet on the table. The inmate told Mattson-Fuller to take them off or he would get “locked up” again. Mattson-Fuller swore at him and attacked him.

The inmate said Mattson-Fuller started hitting him, so he grabbed Mattson-Fuller’s left leg and held it while trying to avoid fighting. The inmate said Mattson-Fuller punched and kicked him in the head and ribs and complained of severe pain on the left side of his torso. The inmate had bruising on his left rib area, scuffs on his elbows and “knots” on the back of his head.

The deputy who broke up the fight said he saw Mattson-Fuller on top of the inmate hitting him with his fists.  He called for back up and entered the area. When he entered, Mattson-Fuller raised his hands and said, “Don’t mace me.” He was returned to his cell without further incident.

The inmate who was attacked was taken to the hospital where a doctor classified his injuries as “substantial bodily harm.”

Mattson-Fuller told jail staff the inmate was being disrespectful to him, so he punched him on the left side of the head. When the inmate fell down, Mattson-Fuller said the inmate bit him on the calf of his right leg. He said he was able to get free and hit the inmate again when the deputy entered the common area, at which point the fight ended.

Surveillance footage of the fight allegedly showed Mattson-Fuller and the inmate talking across a table from each other, followed by Mattson-Fuller standing, approaching the inmate aggressively and punching him in the head. The inmate fell into a defensive posture and grabbed Mattson-Fuller’s leg to minimize the severity of the attack. Mattson-Fuller punched the inmate in the back and head, then grabbed a chair and struck the inmate in the back while he was on his knees. He then punched the inmate repeatedly in the left ribs before the deputy entered the common area. The assault lasted approximately 19 seconds.

Mattson-Fuller denied ever using a weapon.

Mattson-Fuller is scheduled to appear in court again on Sept. 11.