Convicted stalker gets five days in jail, probation

Published 8:19 am Monday, August 21, 2017

An Austin man convicted of stalking a woman through mail delivery was sentenced in Mower County District Court on Friday to one year in jail stayed for 360 days.

Loren Francis Bellrichard, 71

The stayed sentence means Loren Francis Bellrichard, 71, will serve five days in jail, and four years probation for two counts of gross misdemeanor stalking through use of mail/deliver letter/telegram/package.

Bellrichard pleaded guilty to the two counts as part of a plea agreement in June. A charge of felony stalking with two or more prior convictions was dropped.

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As part of his probation, Bellrichard must follow 19 conditions and pay $585 in fines and fees.

An adult female received a letter from Bellrichard in late December. Bellrichard was convicted of stalking the same woman and violating a harassment restraining order; and sentenced to three years in prison in 2014.

The letter contained a greeting card and an extensive letter, which referenced seeing the victim at a sporting event and that she was “still as lovely as ever.” He also wrote about the two being together and referenced sending a Christmas and New Year’s card and package to the victim.

Upon receiving the package on Jan. 3, the victim called police to open the package. Inside, officers found two books: “The Infamous Dakota War Trials of 1862: Revenge, Military Law and the Judgment of History” and “Cy Thompson: the Generous Embezzler.” The package also included a card with a picture of a bicycle — Bellrichard left a bicycle at the victim’s residence during the 2014 stalking case.

Another piece of mail arrived Jan. 4 in which he talked of the potential for he and the victim sharing their love “in the marital act.” It went on to discuss freedom and faithfulness.

The victim told law enforcement she did not want contact with Bellrichard and was uncomfortable doing routine tasks because of his actions.

Police executed a search of Bellrichard’s rural Austin home on Jan. 6 and arrested him.

Bellrichard had previous convictions for two counts of stalking a victim under age 18 from a September 2013 incident; and from a November 2013 incident, for violation of a restraining order and for terroristic threats.

Bellrichard was convicted in 1991 for threatening public officials. He sent more threatening letters to public officials while in prison, which added seven years to his sentence. He was also suspected of setting fire to the homes of two district judges in 1988 and 1989, but was acquitted of those charges.