A 20s look at supporting the Y

Published 7:01 am Sunday, August 20, 2017

My guest columnist today is a writer from the Austin Daily Herald of 1929.

In the Aug. 15 publication of that year, the author speculated about why people were supporting the YWCA in the Hormel family home. He (or she) started with a story.

“Two dollars, instead of one, was given voluntarily for a membership last week by a person from the country, who seldom has occasion to make use of the rooms or call on the association for a service of any kind. An instance like this is not only refreshing, from a membership standpoint, but shows the interest of a woman who brought in a double membership fee without having received something definite for herself in return.”

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The columnist posed the following questions to the women of Austin, “Why are you a member of the Young Women’s Christian Association?” and “Have I a very good reason why I am not?”

Speculation was made that the answers would be many and varied and would include responses such as:

“Because I believe in the purpose for which it stands.”

“I like to be part of a woman’s big organization.”

“Young women, like young men, need an interest center and a home of their own.”

“As a valuable service center, it has no equal.”

“If I don’t show my appreciation in some tangible way, can I expect the good work to go on?”

“If I count my blessings-and my pennies- I am sure I can spare less than two cents a week for the $1 a year, which is all that it costs to belong to the YWCA, and thus add to the numbers for this fiscal year.”

I submit this article as it is nearly time for the annual membership campaign at the Hormel Historic Home.

Our fiscal year ends Aug. 31, and so, as of Sept. 1, we humbly and respectfully ask for the support of the community. As you read above, membership is not a new phenomenon at the Home.

We have had to increase membership levels through the years; however, we are pleased to receive donations of any size. Whatever your reason for joining, with your support the Hormel Historic Home will be a part of Austin’s future as we preserve our part of the past.

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