Eulogy for a brother

Published 7:59 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Editor’s note: This was the eulogy given at the funeral for Brian Anderson, by this sister Vicki Anderson.

Hi my name is Vicki Anderson,  the sister of Brian Anderson. It’s still  a mystery to us what happened to him. I would like to share the words I spoke at his funeral.

I would like to thank all of you for joining our family in the celebration of Brian’s life.

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Brian’s whimsical one liners were funny and his laugh contagious. Brian and I have had many crazy and fun times together throughout our lives.

As many of you know, Brian was involved in a very unfortunate and tragic accident at the age of 20 which led to having the front left lobe and part of the right lobe removed from his brain. Traumatic brain injuries can be one of the most difficult things a person can through.

People may see you as “normal” person who walks, talks and appears as tho nothing is wrong with you.  Each part of the brain has its own function. At times, in Brian’s case, it affected his ability to filter his thoughts and actions in a socially acceptable manner.

It also made it difficult for him to problem solve, make proper decisions, control his temper and have little impulse control yet it amazed us how he remembered dates, numbers, current and historical events. He was sharp as a tack. He also lost his sense of smell and taste.

Even though Brian led a very difficult past 35 years he kept plugging away in life. A couple years ago he told me he felt like he just didn’t “fit in.” That broke my heart.

I personally feel that Brian was suffering inside more than we will know. My heart goes out to my mom and dad who have been through hell and back here on earth yet stuck together and stayed strong through all. On Friday night I had a dream that Brian opened his eyes from the coffin as it was being closed. He looked at me and said, “ Hi Vic, I see everybody crying. It’s ok, I’m ok. I’m not really here with you but I am. It’s so beautiful here!”

Brian is now finally at peace and reunited with our brother Todd.

As Brian would say, “beep beep, over and out.”

I love you Brian.

Vicki Anderson, Austin