Around the world to the HHH

Published 8:21 am Sunday, July 9, 2017

We are having a great time this summer welcoming visitors from around the world. In 2016 we had guests from 36 states as well as some international visitors sign our guest book. Now that we know which 14 states haven’t stopped in, we will actively be pursuing travelers from those places and encouraging them to drop by.  (Missing States: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia). It is fun to hear where people are going and what they are doing along their journey.  Every person has a story and most want to share it with someone who is willing to listen.

In thinking of why people visit, I came up with the following unofficial and probably completely ridiculous definition:

Definition: Historic Home Visitor

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noun, a person of any age who: has free time; likes old things; has some relevant point in their own history that resonates with old homes; lives or has lived in an old home and wants to compare their experience with the home they are visiting; thinks it would be cool to have their picture taken in a historic environment; likes architecture or is an architect; is a professional or hobby interior decorator; has lived in a town all his/her life and has family come to visit and decides to take them to that house they have never visited before; actually wants to learn about the people who lived in the house; finds his/herself in a town and has nothing better to do …

I am not sure in what order those criteria should be in, but we welcome all visitors for whatever reason motivates them to cross our threshold.

A couple weeks ago we had over 100 kids visit for music and ice cream. A group of them from Pacelli’s Shamrock Zone returned to bring us a thank-you poster. Several of the kids told me they had been here before, but for many, it was their first time. They are young and they may not spend the rest of their lives in Austin, but I hope they will remember the big old yellow house on the corner. Idealistically, I hope their visit might have sparked an appreciation for history and the importance of preserving it in them that they will carry throughout their lives.

Maybe another part of my definition should be that people visit when they know there is free ice cream.

Thursday, July 13

6:30 p.m. Mac and Reino

Local acoustic duo of Casey McIntyre and Jeff Reinartz. With a focus on Americana and rock and roll, Mac and Reino provide entertainment for all.

Thursday, July 20

6:30 p.m. JCA, Jamie and Cody Acoustic 

Local favorite known for their former association with SEEDS in an acoustic show for your listening pleasure. Some of Jamie’s originals, some favorite SEEDS covers and plenty of fresh material just for fun.