A taste of Guadalajara; 1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen returns to Austin

Published 7:49 am Monday, July 17, 2017

Many people were bummed when 1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen closed its doors several years ago. Those same people can now rejoice.

1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen re-opened under its original ownership, but in a new location, on Monday, July 10.

“We left because the old building transferred owners,” said Israel Gonzalez, whose family owns the restaurant. “We decided to look somewhere else, but we couldn’t find anything soon enough. We quit for a little bit to re-organize everything and find the right spot.”

1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen opened on Monday, July 10.

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Walking in the doors, one can inhale the enticing aroma of meat seasoned with Mexican spices. Behind the counter is the smiling, friendly face on Enrique Camarena, who will eagerly welcome you as his “amigo.”

Behind him is the menu, giving customers a choice of authentic, freshly made tacos, ceviche, quesadillas or maybe a Mexican shaved ice, or “raspado,” made with fresh fruit to quench their thirst.

In the kitchen, staff and members of the Gonzalez family churn out food prepared to order. Even the tortillas are made fresh.

Is the food authentic? One simply has to hear the accents and dialects of the staff and some of the clientele to know that this food is not a knock-off.

“My parents are originally from Guadalajara,” Gonzalez said. “When we came back, we brought a little of that touch, that type of food that’s not very common here in Minnesota.”

Gonzalez said the menu items were inspired by different parts of Mexico.

“There is a combination of styles,” he said. “Our ceviche is originally from Guadalajara, while our fish tacos are based off what you’ll find in Ensenada, Baja California. We’re mixing a little bit from different regions in Mexico.”

1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen co-owner Israel Gonzalez prepares a carne asada (grilled beef) taco.
Photos by Michael Stoll/mike.stoll@austindailyherald.com

Gonzalez said the specialties are the fish and shrimp tacos.

“They’re the most popular,” he said.

For those who are expecting the same 1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen, be forewarned. There are a few differences.

“We changed the concept,” Gonzalez said. “We used to have a full bar and a much bigger area. This is a casual, fast food type of set-up. There are not a lot of places with food that is freshly made and made quick. We try to make it quickly from scratch.”

Filling this niche may give them an advantage in a town recently voted to have the best Mexican food in Minnesota by onlyinyourstate.com (read the article here: http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/minnesota/best-mexican-food-town-mn/)

1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen is located at 507 1st St. NW. Their hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They can be reached at 507-396-8688.

Bon appétit, or as they say in Spanish, buen apetito!

1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen employee Lucy Rodriguez holds a prepared Raspado (Mexican Shaved Ice).