Woman sentenced to probation in drug case

Published 7:44 am Monday, May 8, 2017

Another woman involved in a 2016 drug bust has been sentenced to serve probation.

Stephanie Behrends, 31

Stephanie Behrends, 31, of Austin was sentenced Friday in Mower County District Court of third-degree possession as part of a plea agreement to a stayed 27-month prison term, meaning she’ll serve 20 years of probation and must follow 19 conditions.

According to court records, Austin police and United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents executed a search warrant at 802 12th Ave. SW At 5:53 a.m. on June 16, 2016.

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Behrends and Brianna Constance Kay Ober, 21, were in the home and are known associates of a drug dealer.

Police seized about 30 grams of heroin and 80 grams of crack cocaine. The suspects showed officers the drugs were located in Ober’s shoes near the front door.

Officers also gathered information on each suspect through informants and observed drug sales to arrest the other suspects.

Ober was previously sentenced to a stayed 21-month prison term for third-degree drug possession of a narcotic, meaning she’ll only serve prison time if she fails to follow 20 conditions.

She will serve 20 years of supervised probation and must complete 40 hours of community service

Behrends pleaded guilty last October to felony third-degree drug possession, while a felony first-degree drug possession charge was dismissed. She’s due for sentencing April 13.

Others charged in the incident include:

—Carolyn Michelle Molhusen, 26, of Austin was previously sentenced to 20 years of supervised probation and six days in jail with credit for six days served. She agreed to a plea agreement for third-degree sale of a narcotic.

—Tangelia Patrice Jones, 33, of Austin was sentenced to a stayed 33-month prison term for third-degree sale of a narcotic. As long as she follows 19 conditions and pays $135 in fees, she’ll serve 30 years of supervised probation. She received credit for eight days served.

—Ernest Pitchford, 37, pleaded guilty to a felony count of conspiracy to commit third-degree sale of a narcotic as part of a plea agreement, while three other third-degree drug crime charges and second-degree drug sales counts, all felonies, were dismissed.

—Amy Beth Wagner, 25, of Austin pleaded not guilty to felony second-degree drug sales in a park zone and felony third-degree drug sales, both subsequent offenses.