Students invited to attend STAM camp

Published 8:08 am Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jean McDermott

President, Elementary Principal Pacelli Catholic Schools

Pacelli Schools has an exciting opportunity for Austin Elementary students this summer! You do NOT need to attend Pacelli to participate.  Our two-week STAM Camp is the perfect mix of enrichment, creativity, critical thinking, team building, and fun, and a must for your school age child this summer!

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Pacelli has provided Science, Technology, Art, and Math (STAM) camps for over five years during the summer months. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have explored the world around them with science experiments and chemical reactions.  Students have made fire, slime, vehicles, motors, and silver coated bottles. They have done forensic studies on fingerprints to solve crimes. They have also tried their hand at photography and photo editing, and made Lego stop motion movies. STAM Campers have put on their own art show, painted over a section of graffiti on some fencing near Mill Pond, and contributed to the Austin Artworks Festival in town. They have put on dramatic performances during a drama camp, explored the outdoors during a camping class, and attended quite a few Twins games at the end of a sports camp!

This year will be just as spectacular. We are inviting children ages five to 11 to our Summer STAM two-week camp!  STAM Camp will run Monday-Thursday, July 24 – Aug. 3, 2017, from 9 a.m. noon. Each day will be filled with fun learning experiences in Science, Technology, Art, and Math. We are excited to end our STAM camp this year with a trip to Valleyfair on Aug. 3. The cost for the two weeks is $175 per child. This includes instruction, supplies, daily snacks, and a trip to Valleyfair.

We are also adding middle school camp counselors to our STAM program this year. Six middle school students will spend two days training to lead a group in team building activities, building relationships, and being a positive role model. Counselors will then be helpers in each of the STAM classes, assisting teachers and elementary students. We are very excited for this mentorship opportunity for our middle school students.

You can find more information on our summer STAM Camp by calling 507-433-8859, or emailing Registration forms are available in both Pacelli offices, and are limited to the first 15 children in each category: prekindergarten  to kindergarten; first to second grades; and third to fourth grades.

If you are interested in learning more about Pacelli Catholic Schools visit our website at, email, or call 507-437-3278.