GMLOKS girls take first in subsection track and field meet

Published 8:11 pm Friday, May 26, 2017

The GMLOKS girls track and field team took first place at the Section 1A, Sub-section 2 meet in Triton Thursday.

Emily Hovden of GMLOKS took first in the 100-meter dash, Hailey Hindt took first in the 100-meter hurdles, Riley Queensland took first in high jump and Kassidy Kirtz took first in the long jump.

Peter Torkelson took first for the GMLOKS boys in the 1600-meter run, the 3200-meter run and the 300-meter hurdles.

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BP’s Elijah Baker took first in the 400-meter dash.

Hayfield’s Kalli Jo Klocke took first in the pole vault and Katrina Thoe took first in the discus throw, Hayfield eighth grader Maryx Young broke the Hayfield school record in the 1600-meter run when she took fourth with a time of 5:28.74. The record had stood since 2001.


1. Stewartville 206; 2. Triton 117; 3. Rochester Home 85; 4. GMLOKS 84; 5. Hayfield 80; 6. Blooming Prairie 47; 7. Lyle-Pacelli 40

100-meter dash: Patrick Murphy (LP) (third, 11.86); Trevor Kelly (GMLOKS) (fourth, 12.05)

200-meter dash: Steven Miner (H) (second, 24.13); Patrick Murphy (LP) (third, 24.43); Mason Walsh (H) (fifth, 24.98)

400-meter dash: Elijah Baker (BP) (first, 53.32); Nathan Drees (LP) (fourth, 55.43)

800-meter run: Cameron Kubista (BP) (fifth, 2:11.88)

1600-meter run: Peter Torkelson (GMLOKS) (first, 4:35.32); Alec Ille (BP) (second, 4:40.91)

3200-meter run: Peter Torkelson (GMLOKS) (first, 10:03.86); Alec Ille (BP) (second, 10:25.40); Wesley Dean (GMLOKS) (fifth, 12:18.64)

300-meter hurdles: Peter Torkelson (GMLOKS) (first, 41.37); Drew Lewison (GMLOKS) (second, 41.39)

high jump: Steven Miner (H) (second, 5-7)

long jump: Joseph Maas (LP) (second, 19-3.75); Mason Walsh (H) (third, 18-3.50)

triple jump: Steven Miner (H) (second, 39-.25)

discus: Trey Chatman (H) (second, 147-2); Anthony Johnston (H) (fifth, 126-10)

shot put: Trey Chatman (H) (fourth, 43-2.75)


1. GMLOKS 189.5; 2. Stewartville 169.5; 3. Triton 79.5; 4. Rochester Home 77; 5. Hayfield 71; 6. Blooming Prairie 45.5; 7. Lyle-Pacelli 37

100-meter dash: Emily Hovden (GMLOKS) (first, 13.27); Kassidy Kirtz (GMLOKS); Rachel Nelsen (LP) (third, 13.47)

200-meter dash: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (second, 26.99); Rachel Nelsen (LP) (third, 27.41); Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (fourth, 27.89)

400-meter dash: Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (second, 1:00.42); Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (third, 1:01.37)

800-meter run: Amelia State (GMLOKS) (second, 2:22.71); Maryx Young (H) (fourth, 2:31.06)

1600-meter run: Kayla Christopherson (LP) (second, 5:25.72); Maryx Young (H) (fourth, 5:28.74); Rory Bickler (LP) (fifth, 5:33.09)

3200-meter run: Kayla Christopherson (LP) (third, 12:00.42)

100-meter hurdles: Hailey Hindt (GMLOKS) (first, 16.94); Katelyn Luthe (GMLOKS) (second, 17.05); Madison Hindt (GMLOKS) (fourth, 17.43)

4 x 100-meter relay: GMLOKS (first, 51.17)

4 x 200-meter relay: GMLOKS (first, 1:46.3)

high jump: Riley Queensland (GMLOKS) (first, 5-0); Sam Wurst (BP) (second, 4-10)

pole vault: Kalli Jo Klocke (H) (first, 8-4); Emily Hovden (GMLOKS) (second, 8-4); Leah Scheifert (BP) (third, 8-4)

long jump: Kassidy Kirtz (GMLOKS) (first, 15-2.75); Lauren Buchholtz (GMLOKS) (second, 15-1.50) Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (third, 14-8.75); Gemini Johnson (BP) (fourth, 14-8.75)

triple jump: Jordyn Glynn (GMLOKS) (second, 32-11); Amelia Staat (GMLOKS) (third, 31-10)

discus: Katrina Thoe (H) (first, 119-6); Lila Gronseth (H) (third, 97-4)

shot put: Lila Gronseth (H) (second, 31-11); Katrina Thoe (H) (third, 31-2.50); Leah Inwards (BP) (fourth, 28-1.50)