Final drug bust suspect gets probation; Other 2 serving prison time

Published 8:02 am Friday, May 19, 2017

The third person arrested in a Nov. 23 drug bust that uncovered 144.27 grams of methamphetamine and 225 grams of marijuana will serve probation.


Tyler Stone Deboer, 21, was sentenced Thursday in Mower County District Court to 20 years probation and 80 hours of community service for third-degree possession of a narcotic other than heroin. He must also pay $1,160 in fees and follow 22 conditions.

He was arrested with Romario Louis Luke, 22, of Rochester and Ezra Robert Hardy, 21, on Nov. 23, 2016, as part of a drug bust.

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All three had faced first-degree drug possession of more than 100 grams of cocaine or meth and first-degree aggravated controlled substance crime for possessing a firearm, but the charges came down as part of plea agreements. Hardy and Luke were also charged with being violent felons in possession of a firearm, which is also a felony.

The Austin Police Department, Mower County Sheriff’s Office and Southeast Minnesota Violent Crime Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at 909 First Ave. NW at 5:44 a.m. on Nov. 23, 2016, and found DeBoer, Luke and Hardy in the upstairs of the residence.

Luke was also allegedly involved with a shooting incident at Mandolin Apartments, but he hasn’t been charged in the incident. However, that incident led police to the Nov. 23 drug bust.

Luke was sentenced in February to four years in prison for second-degree possession of 25 grams or more of cocaine or methamphetamine.

Hardy was sentenced to 34 months in prison for third-degree drug sale as part of a plea agreement reached in February. He received credit for 120 days served and must pay $85 in fees.

A former conviction for fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and fourth-degree DWI from a Jan. 25, 2016, incident was converted from probation to a year and a day in jail, for which he received credit for 330 days served.

In the November bust, police uncovered:

•144.27 grams of methamphetamine in various spots

•225 grams of marijuana,

•a magazine and ammunition for a 7.62-by-39-millimeter rifle,

•drug paraphernalia,

•several cell phones and a tablet,

•pistol magazines and 9-millimeter ammunition,

•a canister of pepper spray,

•various ammunition for shotgun and pistols,

•foil and 12 grams of a cutting agent,

•packaging materials for smuggling narcotics,

•a ledger,

•$58 in cash,

•three handgun holsters,

•and two bodies of armor.