Dayton vetoes more budget bills; no deal in sight

Published 7:38 am Wednesday, May 17, 2017

ST. PAUL — Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed the remainder of the budget bills sent to him by the Republican Legislature.

Dayton’s office says in a statement that he vetoed Republican budget bills on transportation, public safety and the courts, jobs and energy, higher education and taxes.

GOP legislative leaders abandoned the negotiating table last week and began sending the Democratic governor their own versions of the budget.

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The two sides have just a week to finalize a budget. Whether they finish or require overtime will depend on whether they can hash out their enormous differences.

Dayton is pushing for a larger budget with money for programs like expanding preschool options. Republicans want a slimmer budget with $1 billion in tax breaks.

In his veto letter, Dayton called the tax breaks “irresponsible.”