Austin girls take 5th and boys take 6th at Big Nine track and field meet

Published 8:59 pm Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Austin girls took fifth and the Packer boys took sixth at the Big Nine track and field meet in Mankato West Thursday.

Trent Brown swept the hurdles races for the Packer boys as he took first in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 14.89 seconds, and he took first in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 40.32 seconds, Aiden Wilson took second in the pole vault and Pat Hagan took second with a distance of 153-8.

Sydney Marsh won the pole vault with a height of 11 feet and she finished third in the triple jump for the Packer girls.

From left: Austin’s Trent Brown, Aiden Wilson and Pat Hagan earned All-Big Nine honors at the conference meet in Mankato Thursday. Photo Provided

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1. Rochester Century 222; 2. Mankato West 207; 3. Mankato East 166; 4 Rochester John Marshall 150; 5. Owatonna 145; 6. Austin 108; 7. Winona 106; 8. Rochester Mayo 100; 9. Northfield 93.5; 10. Red Wing 76.5; 11. Faribault 75; 12. Albert Lea 6

400-meter dash: Samuel Bailey (13th, 54.60); Joshua Belden (14th, 54.68)

800-meter dash: Omod MetiJwok (13th, 2:08.73); Brockdon Lawhead (18th, 2:13.38)

1600-meter run: Henry Hinchcliffe (fifth, 4:38.19)

3200-meter run: Henry Hinchcliffe (12th, 10:24.68)

110-meter hurdles: Trent Brown (first, 14.89)

300-meter hurdles: Trent Brown (first, 40.32); Corbin Munger (eighth, 42.57)

4 x 100-meter relay: Aiden Wilson, Carlos Botello, Andrew Chesak, Michael Vuong (11th, 47.23)

4 x 200-meter relay: Aiden Wilson, Andrew Chesak, Samuel Bailey, Jackson Steinbach (ninth, 1:38.27)

4 x 400-meter relay: Corbin Munger, Joe Kroymann, Samuel Bailey, Trent Brown (sixth, 3:38.92)

4 x 800-meter relay: Joe Kroymann, Mitchell Mayer, MetiJwok Omod, Brockdon Lawhead (sixth, 8:32.20)

high jump: Gavin Owens (20th, 5-3)

pole vault: Aiden Wilson (second, 12-2); Coy Stark (13th, 11-2)

long jump: Jacob Steinbach (18th, 17-9.50); Gavin Owens (19th, 17-9)

triple jump: Jacob Steinbach (11th, 38-4.25); Collin Dahlback (18th, 37-0)

shot put: Pat Hagan (sixth, 47-9); Thomas Kroymann (16th, 40-1.75)

discus: Pat Hagan (second, 153-8); Thomas Kroymann (11th, 118-0); Oliver Andersen (13th, 116-0)

Austin’s Amber Hansen throws the shot put in the Big Nine track and field meet in Mankato West Thursday. Photo by Adam JS Holt/Faribault Daily News


1. Mankato West 210; 2. Northfield 200.5; 3. Rochester Century 196; 4. Red Wing 178.5; 5. Austin 135; 6. Mankato East 122.5; 7 Owatonna 117; 8. Rochester Mayo 98; 9. Faribault 75.5; 10. Winona 44; 11. Rochester John Marshall 39; 12. Albert Lea 37

400-meter dash: Odongonga Oballa (fourth, 1:01.23); Molly Garry (18th, 1:06.52)

800-meter dash: Paiton Schwab (13th, 2:35.55)

1600-meter run: Abby Lewis (sixth, 5:30.93)

3200-meter run: Abby Lewis (seventh, 12:06.99); Morgan Hose (20th, 12:54.57)

100-meter hurdles: Taige Iverson (third, 16.01); Paige Raymond (seventh, 16.82)

300-meter hurdles: Paige Raymond (third, 47.89): Sydney Marsh (seventh, 48.95)

4 x 100-meter relay: Caroline Williams, Eliana Bently, Isabelle Reuter, Isabel Leuer (ninth, 53.68)

4 x 200-meter relay: Caroline Williams, Miranda Bergemann, Taige Iverson, Isabel Leuer (seventh, 1:53.55)

4 x 400-meter relay: Paige Raymond, Miranda Bergemann, Sydney Marsh, Odonoga Oballa (fifth, 4:17.46)

4 x 800-meter relay: Molly Garry, Miranda Bergemann, Morgan Hose, Paiton Schwab (ninth, 10:32.52)

high jump: Taige Iverson (11th, 4-9); Isabel Leuer (11th, 4-9)

pole vault: Sydney Marsh (first, 11-0); Isabelle Reuter (14th, 8-6)

long jump: Colie Justice (10th, 15-8.50); Isabel Leuer (20th, 14-6)

triple jump: Sydney Marsh (third, 34-4.75); Colie Justice (fifth, 33-3.50); Tori Watkins (10th, 32-3.75)

shot put: Amber Hansen (second, 40-4.75)

discus: Amber Hansen (fifth, 113-7)