Austin football team will start a third and fourth grade league in the fall

Published 7:22 pm Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Austin football team is teaming up with Austin Community Education to bring tackle football to third and fourth graders this coming fall.

In an effort to show Austin kids the game at a younger age, Austin head football coach Brett Vesel is helping to introduce a league that will focus on giving youths a chance to play and see if they like football. The league will begin late August of 2017 and the season will include six games. The Austin teams will play against each other at the Wescott Athletic Complex on Saturdays and Vesel is hoping to get get approximately 100 kids signed up for the teams.

Vesel is also hoping for donors to step up so the football league is available to as many kids as possible.

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“We’re looking to get the word out,” Vesel said. “We want to raise funds to keep the price low for kids with financial hardship. It’s an expensive sport if you have to pay for your own equipment and we don’t want to turn any kids away.”

The teams in the league will be named after Big Ten football teams and they will get a chance to play most of their games on the turf. Austin football varsity coaches and players will be involved in helping out with the teams.

Pre-registration for the league will begin in July. Any questions can be directed to Vesel at