Pacelli students attend science, engineering expo

Published 10:07 am Friday, April 7, 2017

By Donna Lemar

Pacelli Middle School science teacher

Pacelli Middle School students visited the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis for their College of Science and Engineering Expo on March 30 . The Expo is the collegiate level of a science fair.

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The engineering, science and math students do projects as part of their majors and once a year they present those projects to middle school students from around the state.

Several of the presentations had hands-on activities for the students to try. They were able to build their own turbine blade using moldable plastic. Their finished product was then tested on a mini wind turbine to see how much electricity it could generate.

Another project showed how 3D printing is revolutionizing prosthetic limbs. The students could see and handle the small “bones” that were created on the 3D printer and how those pieces were put together to form a prosthetic hand which can be used very much like a normal hand.

Pacelli students were impressed with how much electrical energy could be generated by riding a bicycle. Students pedaled the bike to light up three different kinds of light bulbs. With the same power, the students learned that only four incandescent bulbs would light versus a large array of LED bulbs. The LED bulbs gave off so much light, it was difficult to look at and it brightened the entire room.

Pacelli Middle School students learned many unique ways to use science, math, and engineering to make our world more efficient and environmentally friendly. They saw how to use their knowledge in these subjects to be creative in making products to better our lives.

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