Ed Foundation announces grant awards

Published 7:54 am Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Austin Public Education Foundation has announced its grant awards for the 2017-2018 school year, totaling almost $34,000.

The foundation has raised almost $500,000 that support education excellence and opportunities in the schools.

The foundation will hold its 20th annual Packer Classic on July 17.

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Those who have raffle items or can participate may contact Executive Director Brigette Rambadt, at 507-460-1938, or brigette.rambadt@austin.k12.mn.us.

The awards and their grant writers are:

Creative Construction, second grade, Neveln, $749.73, Maria Mickelson and Janene Lunning.

Mindware (AATD), Banfield, $540, Sue Conway.

Math Expressions, third grade, Banfield, $1,044.12, Mallory Macal.

Leveled books, third grade, Banfield, $1,663.12, Olivia Sweeney.

Osmo Wonder Kits (2), fourth grade, Neveln, $290, Jeannie Goodew.

Video production equipment, Neveln, $213.99, Josh McRae.

Krossover Basketball Program, Austin High School, $1,399, Josh McRae.

Classroom Library, third grade, Banfield, $1,040.42, Kerri Koenigs.

Pic Me for the Pic Kit, Sumner, $300, Deborah Cook.

SMART gym supplies, Woodson, $1,348.98 Alisha Galle.

Leveled Books, Oakland Education Center, $954, Patricia Knutson and Becky Gerdes.

Classroom Libraries, ninth grade, Austin High School, $2,500, Levon Larson.

Padcaster Studio, I. J. Holton, $789, Eric Harder.

Listening Center, second grade, Banfield, $922, Mali Ciola, Louise Davis, Sheila Hill, Katie Lunning and Devin Winter.

French-speaking intern, Austin High School, $800, Emily Benidt Wakefield.

Fitness Fun, CLC, $2,732.68, Kim Potter and Shari Michels.

Bouncy Bands, fifth grade, I. J. Holton, $2,623.73, Sarah Schultz.

Listening Center, CLC, Sumner, Woodson, $971, Lindy Hagstrom and Elizabeth Medrano.

Novels, third and fourth grades, Banfield, $276.18, Amanda Gafkjen.

Listening Center, IMC, Banfield, $338, Gail Subra.

Independent living supplies, Austin High School, $1,338.72, Juliana Pena-Marconi and Violet Osmonson.

Briggs and Stratton Motors (5), Austin High School, $1,399.95, Mark Winkels.

Class sets of books, first grade, Southgate, $1,000, Brenda May.

iPad Minis, coach’s pitch counter and baseballs, Austin High School, $532, Joe Kroc.

Bilingual books, Sumner, $1,064.95, Kim Johnson.

Movement supplies, I. J. Holton, $754.71, Nikky Tolde.

Rogue Echo gym timer, soccer, Austin High School, $319, Jake Levison.

UE Ultimate Ears speaker, soccer, Austin High School, $299, Jake Levison.

Book series, Austin High School, $2,220, Lisa Peters, Jordan Reim, Molly Snyder, Courtney Pulsifer and Rod Nelson.

Roots Club materials, Ellis Middle School, $632, Jesse Smith, Lynne Gaunt and Sara Keefe.

Media center, Southgate, $2,078, Jer Osgood.

HOVR devices (10), Ellis Middle School, $801, Darren Pauly.

TOTAL: $33,905.28