Take it to the lawn; Variety of yard games available to help enjoy the warmest months

Published 6:49 am Friday, March 31, 2017

With people set to warm up the grills and clean off the decks and patios after another long winter, many are turning to a growing trend to embrace the warm weather: lawn games.

Several companies are offering a variety of lawn games, from well-known options like beanbags to lesser known games like Kubb.

In March, Lawn Gamez,based in Cold Springs, displayed a few of its games at the Austin Home & Vacation Show.

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“I think people spending family time together in the yard has become pretty popular,” said Tim Taufen of Lawn Gamez.

The games are available online or by contacting

Several more games are available online at www.lawngamez.com or by calling 970-389-3499. Lawn Gamez website was down for updates in March, but it should be back up in early April.

People can arrange to pick up games in Cold Springs or in the Twin Cities or have the games shipped.

Here are a few of their games:



Ker-Plop, $49.99

This take on the game Ker-Plunk features several sticks holding up balls in a large cylinder with wire sides. A simple way to play: The person who drops the fewest balls loses. Or, whoever drops the last ball wins — and multiple people can play.

Connect Four

Connect Four

A lawn version of Connect Four

Though currently over $100, Lawn Gamez is reworking this enlarged lawn version of the board game classic so it will sell for closer to $70 to $80.

Cornhole — or beanbag — boards, price varies

Boards vary greatly in price from stained or painted sets up to custom sets.

The beanbag boards are American Cornhole Association and American Cornhole Organization certified, with additional accessories available too. Each board set comes with eight bean bags, but more than 20 are available online.

Lawn Gamez also sells a scoreboard for beanbags, which comes with two drink holders, and features the official rules. That sells for $44.99.



Kubb, $79.99

Each team has five soldiers and a king in the middle.

Each player gets six tries to knock the other team’s soldier’s over.

Drink holders

Lawn Gamez sells several lawn drink holders with a variety of designs, including a popular one with the insignias for various military branches.

Tumble Tower, $69.99

This game, which is like giant Jenga, will stack up about four feet.