Pacelli students participate in Regional History Day at Winona State University

Published 10:28 am Friday, March 24, 2017

By Alex Horgen

High School social studies instructor at Pacelli High School

On Monday, March 13, Pacelli Catholic Schools sent seven students to compete in the Regional History Day competition held at Winona State University. Of the seven who participated, five were chosen to go to state. The submissions included a website, two exhibit boards, and a performance.

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Sponsored by the Minnesota Historical Society and the University of Minnesota, this annual event gives students the opportunity to research almost any topic or person they are interested in studying. Students can express their research and hard work through either a research paper, website, documentary, exhibit board, or performance. Research must include both primary and secondary research, as well as show the student’s ability to interpret and analyze his or her sources. Every year the theme changes; this year’s theme was “Taking A Stand.”

Held at the University of Minnesota on April 29, the statewide History Day competition will give these Pacelli students the opportunity to show off their hard work by competing at the state level. The top students in the state will be able to participate in the National History Day competition held in Washington, D.C. later this year.

All ninth and 10th grade students participated in the school History Day competition on Feb. 20. Pacelli students who qualified for and participated in regionals are:

Mason Holtorf, Individual Exhibit, “1966 NCAA Championship;” Marissa McConnell, Individual Exhibit, “Stonewall Riots;’” Rory Bickler, Individual Website, “Oliver Brown and the Brown vs. Board of Education Court Case,” state qualifier; and Ed Dreyer, Fernando De La Cruz, Antonio Rubio and Pal Koak, Group Performance, “Nelson Mandela and South African Apartheid,” state qualifier.

More photos of the Regional History Day competition can be found on the Minnesota Historical Society’s flickr page at:

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