Woman charged after children test positive for cocaine; Predatory offender also found in the residence

Published 11:02 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

A 34-year-old Austin woman has been charged after three children in her residence tested positive for cocaine and a predatory offender was found in the home.

Takela Gertonda Devonne Rogers appeared in Mower County District Court earlier this week, facing two felony fifth-degree drug possession counts, a felony for storing methamphetamine in the presence of a child and three gross misdemeanors for child endangerment for possessing or selling a controlled substance in the presence of a child.

According to court records, the Austin Police Department and Gold Cross Ambulance were called at 2:11 p.m. Feb. 3 to a residence on the 1800 block of East Oakland Avenue for a report of an infant having a seizure.

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But no one came to the door when they knocked, and they had to eventually breach the door.

Police were familiar with the residence as Rogers had an active warrant for her arrest.

Police entered to find Rogers around the corner in the living room holding the child, but she told them everything was fine.

She told police that Jason Michael “Ghost” DePaul, a predatory offender, had a seizure in the residence but fled when the police were called.

However, paramedics looked at the child and it showed signs of recovering from a seizure. Another child was running around naked in the home.

Officers looked for other children needing medical attention and found drug-related items across the residence.

DePaul was found hiding upstairs and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. He was arrested, as was Rogers on the warrant.

Three children were turned over to Mower County Health and Human Services and all three tested positive for cocaine.

Officers returned to the home with a search warrant and found 2.61 grams of cocaine in a child’s room. They also found 0.41 grams of meth and several items other drug-related items, including: several baggies, two Alprazolam pills, a charred ice-cream scoop with cocaine inside, a mirror with cocaine residue, a marijuana roach and more.

A police K-9 also hit on several areas of a baby’s room. Officers found that the cocaine, pills and methamphetamine could be reached by the children.

Rogers is due in court on Feb. 16.