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Published 10:31 am Friday, February 3, 2017

Brigette Rambadt

Austin Public Education Foundation executive director

Recently I was invited to visit with students and staff in Austin Public Schools to witness some of the Austin Public Education Foundation grants in action. What a joy!

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The energy in the classrooms was vibrant, alive with a welcoming sense of community and gratitude.

Whether it was new books for math and reading, science and sports equipment or a new, quiet place to “chill out” … the vibe was contagious! Kids, engaged in a success-filled learning process and teachers, encouraged by the grant support, primed to design more opportunities for achievement and possibilities for innovation.

The Austin Public Education Foundation is external to the Austin Public Schools but a partner in supporting the vision of educational leaders, teachers and staff who strive to creatively exceed educational excellence. The Austin PEF is built on the idea that teachers know what is best for the students they serve.

The Austin Public Education Foundation is proud to be a community conduit of resources and support for educational opportunities in the Austin Public School District.

Since 1992 the Austin PEF has been honored to invest over $440,000 in contributions to directly influence student success with in the Austin Public Schools and the Community Learning Center.

Please consider preserving the tradition of a quality education for future students of the Austin Public Schools. Share your time and be a part of the 20th annual Packer Classic Golf Fundraiser on July 17; contribute through a “Floor on the Wall” memorial plate at Austin High School; or gift the Austin PEF through planned or memorial donations.

Get linked in and support the Austin Public Education Foundation’s vision to enhance and expand the opportunities available to all students in our district.

Contact the Austin Public Education Foundation:

Brigette Rambadt, Executive Director


P.O. Box 878

Austin, MN 55912