Austin High School qualifies many for state DECA

Published 8:01 am Sunday, February 5, 2017

Several students from Austin High School qualified for state DECA competition in Owatonna in mid-January.

Over 400 students from Owatonna, Mankato East, Mankato West, Northfield, Faribault and Pine Island competed.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Students compete by participating in mock interviews, sales demonstrations, individual and team role plays and by presenting ad campaigns and other ideas to judges that are business leaders in the community.

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State qualifiers will compete March 19-21 at the Hyatt in Minneapolis and will face students from across Minnesota for the opportunity to qualify for the International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, Calif., in April.

Austin DECA students did well recently qualifying several for state competition. Photo provided

Austin DECA students did well recently qualifying several for state competition. Photo provided

From Austin:

Gary Marconi, first, advanced employment interview; Ava Grev, first, entry level employment interview; Josh Snee, first, entry level employment interview; Tara Watkins and Lilly Nystel, first, fashion merchandising promotion plan; Emily Sayles and Sydney Marsh, first, hospitality team decision-making; Mary Willrodt, first, hotel and lodging management; Paige Raymond and Miranda Bergemann, first, innovation plan; Tony Mendez, first, innovation plan; Gabby Brown, first, principles of hospitality and tourism; Kenzie Pelletier, first, retail merchandising; Tony Mendez, first, sales demo; Tara Watkins, Lilly Nystel, first, travel and tourism team; Dorothy Stevens and Zeke Peters, first, travel and tourism team. Mary Willrodt and Gaby Marconi, second, buying and merchandising; Joe Kroymann, second, advanced employment interview; Isaac Arnold, second, advanced employment interview; Zeke Peters, second, hotel and lodging management; Emily Sayles, second, human resources management; Marissa Lund and Kallie Bumgarner, second, innovation plan; Ellie Eyre, second, principles of hospitality and tourism; Morgan Hose, second, retail merchandising; Paiton Schwab, second, sports and entertainment marketing; and Paige Raymond, Miranda Bergemann, second, travel and tourism team.

Vy Hoang, Joann La and Claire Olson, third, ad campaign; Evan Meiergard, third, food marketing; Brooke Gologowski, third, hospitality and lodging management; Joann La, third, personal financial literacy; Gabby Brown, third, retail merchandising; Tyler Tupy, third, advanced employment interview; and Tara Watkins and Isaac Clasen, third, sports and entertainment promotion plan.

Other state qualifiers: Katie Mentz, apparel and accessories; Luis Medina, apparel and accessories; Matias Parada and Tony Mendez, buying and merchandising; Paiton Schwab and Emily Hegna, hospitality team decision-making; Vy Hoang, hotel and lodging management; Tyler Tupy, Isaac Arnold and Tucker Nelson, innovation plan; Gaby Marconi, marketing communication series; Tara Watkins, quick serve restaurant management; Sydney Marsh, restaurant and food service management; Katie Mentz, Ivy Arnold, fashion merchandising promotion plan; Tyler Tupy, food marketing; Corbin Munger, food marketing; Vy Hoang and Claire Olson, hospitality team decision-making; Jenna Braaten, hotel and lodging management; Kenzie Pelletier, Lily Holtz and Gabby Brown, innovation plan; Mitch Mayer and Morgan Hose, sports and entertainment team; Ariana Shapinsky, Fayth Nystel, travel and tourism team; Emily Sayles and Sydney Marsh, ad campaign; Kellie Baier and Berghyn Hull, innovation plan; Lilly Nystel, restaurant and food service management; Jonathon Hernandez, business finance; Dorothy Stevens, business service marketing; Marissa Lund, marketing communications series; Josh Snee, marketing communications series; Matias Parada, sales demo; Jack Dankert, business finance; Logan Braaten, business service marketing; Isaac Arnold and Jens Ourada, marketing management series; Tucker Nelson, marketing communications series; Brock Lawhead, restaurant and food service management; and Isaac Arnold, sales demo.