The Wide Angle: The dog ate my homework

Published 6:39 am Monday, January 16, 2017

I admit it. I failed to do my homework.

By homework I mean I forgot to write this column. In recent months I would be able to claim that I got wrapped up and just didn’t get a chance to, but this time around, I just plain forgot to do it.

I had all sorts of time to write this the day before I put the section together what with our little storm mucking up the calendar of area sporting events.

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I guess I got ahead of myself, looking forward to a rare week night where I could go home early and veg.

And so, in the grand scheme of things, I forgot to write this column.

It really hit me Wednesday morning after waking up.

Wednesday morning came early, far earlier than I wanted, and so that helped virtually nothing.

The alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. and I rolled (translate: fell) out of bed, ambled (translate: zombie walked) into the bathroom to shower and what not.

Not long after I was sitting in a living room chair and alternating between doing a running check of Facebook and Twitter and staring out the window at the distinctly frigid-looking outdoors.

I’ve claimed for years that I would rather deal with cold than with the heat of summer. In fact, I’ve been so bold as to say I hate summer except for the one week when I’m on vacation.

My reasons for hating summer are many and varied. First and foremost is the heat and humidity followed closely by mosquitos and ticks. Believe it or not those things did run through my head, all before it dawned on me that this thing wasn’t written.

What can I say, I’m a complex man.

This whole area led me to another thought. I saw some notices for rural schools who had made the announcement all students look forward to during the winter: Two hours late.

Three of the most important words students will ever hear during the school year. It doesn’t happen often really, so when it does it feels like a holiday.

It means, leaping back into bed, to try and pick up on whatever dream you were having and catching another hour or so of sleep.

It also meant that your day was shorter. Really, it was like a mini holiday and so as I saw these notices I found myself wishing that work places did the two-hours late thing.

I would take some time, have a decent breakfast, play with the cat and use the time to write this column.

Hahahahahah! No I wouldn’t have. I would have jumped right back into bed and still lamented not writing the column the day before.

Sometimes you just take that pitch off the elbow and take your base.