Looking back at a year of many travels

Published 7:02 am Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our travel group attended the New Year’s Gala party with the production of “Camelot,” at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre over the New Year weekend.

This  is one of the truly great American musical classics, winning multiple Tony Awards. Music filled with romance, humor, and a stirring love story of all ages. Following this production, guests were invited to visit others areas, including the music  of the Chanhassen Big Band,  Comedy Improv, and the Piano Bar.

A toast was held at midnight and later  hot coffee, and sweets to send us on our way.  A warm bus was waiting and our lodging was close by.

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It was a special evening with special friends to see the New Year in. Hello 2017.

As our 2016 year of travel comes to an end, we can reminisce about the places we have visited last year.  Our day trips continue to be popular along with Riverboat cruises, plays and some extended tours.

April started off our year with a return visit to the State Orphanage in Owatonna. We heard the story of these children and how they came to be there. We also toured their living quarters, learning of their days spent there and quality of life.  Some of the orphans were placed in the surrounding area.

April also seemed like a good time to visit the Gertens Flower Gardens near Eagan. This is one the largest nurseries in our area which has ideas for gardeners for both in and out door projects.  The afternoon was spent at the New Premium Outlet Mall in Eagan.

Our Annual Mystery Trip was scheduled for May last year with a visit to the newly enlarged Swedish Institute. A guide shares all the changes added and information about the facility itself.  Our next stop was a dinner show at the newest theater in that area, near the Mall of America.

The “Daytrippers” is set in a smaller warm setting with a home-cooked meal and a hilarious show to follow.

It was with the Amish in Lansboro where our June travel day was spent.  We stopped by the Amish homes, as we visited with the local families, learning about their way of life.   The children especially enjoyed seeing “The Big Bus”on their yard, as it sat next to their horse and buggies.

A lot of goodies including bread, jellies, pies and many wood working projects were made available, plus the many beautiful  hanging plants and garden flowers available for purchase. This is a main source of their income.  The town of Lansboro is a very scenic area with many visitors coming to bike their trails and enjoy their many summer celebrations.

Each outing could be expressed in many pages, but its like our kids say,  “So mom, where did you go this time and what did all learn from  this  trip?” “Well, sit down and I will talk about the many things we see and do, that we  probably wouldn’t have gotten to do, if we were venturing out on our own.”

And all of this travel has been exploring here in our beautiful America.

Travel will be quiet these winter months, except for the annual February Travel Show.  The date will announced as soon as a schedule of many of the trips to be offered will be available for early sign-ups.

If you  would like to receive a monthly newsletter of travel and the activities at the Mower County Senior Center, the cost is $2 a month. This also includes discounts on many of the trips planned.

We are also grateful to Sara Schafer, our senior center director,  the  staff, and others who share their enthusiasm.

Happy Travels and the best of 2017 to all of you.