Noon Kiwanis Students of the Month

Published 10:41 am Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chris Kirchgatter

Throughout high school I have been able to take many high-level courses. This year I have been taking Postsecondary Enrollment Option classes at the community college. I have enjoyed every class and it continues to push me as a student. I am fortunate that the high school has given me the ability to get a head start on my college education.



At Austin High School, I have been in boys soccer since seventh grade and am goal keeper and captain of the varsity team. It was great to represent such a talented group that were ranked fifth in state, swept the Rochester schools for the first time in school history, were the first ranked team in sections, and at one point we had a seven-game shutout streak. I played varsity tennis for the first time as a junior and had a blast. I am also involved in bells at my church.

I plan on attending a four-year university next fall. I plan on studying either accounting or marketing. After college, I plan on pursuing my career. Through a high school internship program called Step Up, I got to experience what it’s like to work in a professional work place at Clifton Larson Allen. I have made many connections with accountants and learned what public accountants do. After gaining some experience I plan on going back to college for my master’s degree.

Ngadhi Awow

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Throughout my high school career I’ve chosen to take pre-AP and AP classes to not only push myself but prepare myself for college. The Postsecondary Enrollment classes I took through Riverland Community College my junior and senior year gave me the college experience as well as high school credit.

At Austin High School I’ve been involved in Art Club, Science Olympiad, and volleyball. I’ve played volleyball for four years and each year I’ve been able to learn something new from my coaches and teammates. I’ve participated in Art Club and Science Olympiad my junior year and plan to continue my senior year. Art Club is an activity that allows you to explore different artistic forms of expression without judgement. Science Olympiad is a more structured activity in that you learn about different scientific fields with a goal of getting to state. I like to get involved in my community through my church. I like to help out where I can whether that be through the music and drama camp or an extra pair of hands during the annual Haitian Hustle.  I plan on attending a four-year college or university, hopefully somewhere warm. Though I don’t know where I’m going, I know that I plan on studying art and science.



A person who has positively impacted my academic life is my father, Lino Awow. The summer before fifth grade he taught me algebra because he said he wanted me to have every opportunity to succeed academically. When I entered middle school I started taking honors courses to challenge myself. He constantly pushes me to do my best and take chances because as he says ,”What are you going to lose if you try?”

In the next decade I plan to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degree. I want to become a medical illustrator and create innovations in the medical field. I’d also like to travel and see the world; Australia, Spain, and South Sudan are just a few of the places I’d like to go.