Letter: Hormel Institute thanks Austin for its support

Published 7:31 am Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dear Friends in the Community,

It is with a very grateful heart that we at The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota extend our thanks to The Hormel Foundation, Hormel Foods Corp., the state of Minnesota and the community for your support of our transformative expansion this year.

We are scientists who dedicate our lives to furthering answers to cancer as we also personally experience the devastating effects it can have on our lives.

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Please know that we are and aim to be good stewards of the gift of this stunning world-class facility and its state of the art technology. Daily we dedicate ourselves to innovative research in our quest to further discoveries. Currently we are in the process of hiring top new scientists from around the country and world as we seek new ways to prevent and control cancer.

As their 75th anniversary comes to a close, it is time to give special thanks and recognition to The Hormel Foundation. Led by Gary Ray, The Hormel Foundation’s support for both The Hormel Institute’s cancer research and our entire community is unmatched. The transformative projects are something we all can be extremely thankful for. The vision cast in 1941 by George A. and Jay C. Hormel for The Hormel Foundation to benefit and support the community is unfolding in ever-expanding ways that we daily see, enjoy and appreciate.

The faculty and staff give special thanks to the hard working people of Hormel Foods who make the success of the company and its products possible — Mr. Jeffrey Ettinger for his years of successful and faithful service as president, CEO and chairman of the board, new leader Mr. Jim Snee and all Hormel Foods employees for continuing to innovate and create great food products.

From The Hormel Institute, we again say thank you for your generous and faithful support. We look forward to discoveries in the new year that will lead to greater health and joy for each of you.
In friendship,

Zigang Dong,

M.D., Dr. P.H.

Hormel Institute

Executive Director