The Bakery hits a bulls eye with expansion; New space opens up for pool and darts

Published 10:23 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Curtis Sorenson knows exactly how much paint, stain and polyurethane it took to complete the renovation of The Bakery Lounge at 113 Second Ave. NE.

“Thirteen gallons of paint, 11 gallons of stain and nine gallons of poly,” he said, grinning.

You know those things when you’ve got your heart in a new business, and that hits the mark with Sorenson, 34, who purchased The Bakery Lounge from Ron Carr and Doc Bierne in 2014.

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As soon as he took possession of the bar, he started to make plans to expand the operation so that he could do justice to pool and dart leagues that, according to him, had few places to play in Austin.

They have plenty of room now. The Bakery Lounge has expanded to the west, taking over the building that once housed Mickey’s Place, a bar that closed a few years ago. Both locations are owned by Twin Cities attorney Pat Bradley.

“We had our first dart tournament last weekend, and it was packed,” he said. Leagues have been formed for both.

The Bakery Lounge’s new addition holds more pool tables and dart boards for league and tournament play. Eric Johnson/

The Bakery Lounge’s new addition holds more pool tables and dart boards for league and tournament play. Eric Johnson/

Sorenson said that Bradley allowed him to fulfill a vision he had for the new space, that today includes a second bar with a kitchen, new coolers, an area for live music, new restrooms and lots of space to play darts and pool. There are now four pool tables and six dart boards.

“We needed the space; we can have darts going there, pool here and those who just want to sit and visit,  in there,” said Sorenson, nodding to the original space. Sorenson employs 12 in the new operation. His right-hand man is bar manager, Long Van, “who has been with me from the very beginning,” Sorenson said.

The renovation of the expanded space includes tiled floors and OK paneling, glossy tables and trendy stools. All of it has an open feeling due to the 16-foot ceilings, whose original tin remains intact and is painted. General contractor for the work was the Joseph Company, with Downey Construction doing all the interior finish work. Dwight Matter, who created the original bar, also built the new, second bar, said Sorenson.

Sorenson offers pizza, cheese bread, pretzels, nachos, and cheese dogs on a short menu that will expand soon to include burgers, steak and chicken.

The bar also has new hours, opening at 11 a.m. and closing at 1 a.m. The bar is open every day.

He is excited about Sundays, when “NFL Sunday Ticket” is shown. That’s the DirecTV offering that allows out-of-market games to be shown — and Sorenson has plenty of TVs on which to show the games. This Sunday will be the first customers can enjoy all the service.

“We will have every single game, every weekend,” he said.