Letter: Vote for change, vote for Schminke

Published 8:10 am Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board published its October Pre-General Reports on Tuesday November 1st. The reports make for interesting reading, and a couple of the reports are relevant to our local race for House District 27B.

It is notable that challenger Dennis Schminke has a garnered a great deal of support from within our community. He has out-raised the incumbent, Representative Jeanne Poppe, and even more striking is the fact that 100% of his contributions have come from individuals–and most of those from within the district.

By contrast, over 50% of the money raised by Representative Poppe has come from PAC’s lobbyists, and other special sources.

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Which raises the question: Who does Rep. Poppe work for—the people of the district, or the people willing to pay for “Business and Usual” in St. Paul?

If elected, and it comes time to vote and protect the interests of our district, Dennis Schminke goes to St. Paul with no strings attached. Your vote on November 8th for Dennis Schminke is a vote for a change to “Business as Usual” in St. Paul.

Michael Haag,