Letter: Elect Tim Guth District Judge    

Published 9:49 am Thursday, November 3, 2016

Here is a chance to elect a Judge to the bench and not have an appointee sit in such an important position. First I will say I have known the Guth family for nearly 40 years and Tim continues the fine heritage. I had the opportunity to work with Attorney Guth when he was with the Winona County Attorney Office as an assistant. He worked under Jules Gerdes, one of the toughest County Attorneys in the area. I saw him in some difficult times and ha came through with flying colors. When I worked a case with him, he made sure to be prepared. He learned well and continued as an attorney in other fields for several years. Tim served in the Army Green Berets and learned discipline. He continued that discipline working with Gerdes and discipline is truly necessary on the bench. Tim’s experience from both sides of the aisle make him the most qualified for the tough job. Give Tim Guth your support as I will.

Dewey Severson,

Tech sergent for the Minnesota State Patrol, retired

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