Letter: APD Citizen Police Academy a great program

Published 7:01 am Sunday, November 13, 2016

I completed the second annual Austin Police Department Citizen Police Academy last month and I would like to say that it was an outstanding experience.  The APD Citizen Police Academy is a program designed to build positive relationships with the public and to give citizens insight into the daily activities of the Austin Police Department.  Before attending this academy I had a great deal of respect for police officers and sheriff’s deputies and after completion my respect has only grown.

APD Chief Brian Krueger was an outstanding host for this initiative and welcomed us graciously into his world every Tuesday evening for six weeks.  He empowered several of his officers to give interesting presentations to us which opened our eyes to the important and often dangerous work they do in the name of public safety day in and day out.  Many thanks to the men and women of the Austin Police Department and the Mower County Sheriff’s Department who work together to protect you and me every day.

David Needham

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