Letter: Support for Sturnino

Published 10:25 am Thursday, October 13, 2016

During my tenure as Court Administrator for Winona and Wabasha Counties, I observed firsthand the strong work ethic, integrity, competency, and effectiveness of Judge Carmaine Sturino.  Prior to her appointment to district judge of the Third Judicial District, she gained experience as a prosecutor, as a public defender, as a private practitioner, and as a conciliation court referee.  Each phase of her legal career prepared her for the judgeship.  Judge Sturino has great compassion and cares deeply about the people she serves. She treats all those who come before her with fairness and with respect. I have great respect for Judge Sturino.

I served on many committees and work groups with Judge Sturino.  Her constant enthusiasm raised the level of enthusiasm of the group working on the project at hand.  Having her on a committee assured that the work would get done; she carried more than her weight in each endeavor. Judge Carmaine Sturino was appointed to the bench in 2015 because she was the best all-around candidate.  I am voting for her on November 8 because she has proven she is the best candidate.  Please vote for Judge Carmaine Sturino on Nov. 8.
Sally A. Cumiskey


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