Emma Rose (Naumann) White, 96

Published 7:01 am Sunday, October 30, 2016

Emma Rose (Naumann) White, 96, passed away on Oct. 24, 2016.

She was born in Nora Springs, Iowa, on Jan.10, 1920, and was predeceased in death  by her husband, W. C. White, daughter Jean (White) Perkins, son-in-law’s Emanuel Slindee and Greg Kathan and daughter-in-law Debbie (Rosenberg) White. Survived by Marcella (White) Kathan, Janet (White) and Robert Vervaecke, Linda (White) Slindee, Jim and Kathy White, Doug White, 10 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and sister Maxine (Naumann) Miller.

Emma and her 12 siblings were born to the usual German farm family of the time. Her father and his brothers immigrated to this country as young adults to escape the war in Europe and they were known for their storytelling, singing and instrumental talents.  She enjoyed her childhood as it was filled with love, music and fun times.  Emma was married when she was 20 years old to W. C. White and they had 6 children with her last being born when she was 44. She was a hard-working farm wife whose days were filled with cooking, cleaning, baking, canning, gardening and reading the bible.

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When she turned 50 she decided that she’d had quite enough of that and went on to obtain her GED and CNA. She took a position at the St. Ansgar Good Samaritan Home where she worked for 22 years. She cared for the residents as if they were part of her family and was a real jokester at heart – as any of you who may have worked with her can probably attest to. We will miss her homemade bread, potato salad and strawberry jam. She attempted to teach her daughters to make her wonderful homemade pies, but gave up — claiming that their attempts at pie were just too ugly. She was a sharp dresser and always had her nails and hair done.  It helped that she had two daughters who were beauticians.

For the last several years she was fortunate to be able to travel to Arizona with two of her daughters and she enjoyed escaping the cold winters of the Midwest. She was a healthy, happy woman to the end and could still tell a good story and sing a German song for you.

In lieu of flowers or money, please send a story about Emma to salkoenigs@gmail.com. She would have liked that.