Austin school district agrees to one year membership to national boards association

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Austin School Board agreed Monday to join the National School Boards Association at a cost of $3,330 in the first year.

The membership, through the NSBA’s “National Connection” program, provides a deeper well of information on breaking trends, news and in-depth studies that affect schools nationally.

The National Connection is the information hub that can be accessed by the superintendent, school board and up to five school staff.

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The membership also provides discounted cost to annual conferences.

After brief discussion, school board members agreed to a one-year trial.

“The big thing is having another avenue to garner information with other school boards across the nation,” said Superintendent David Krenz.

Board member Kathy Green agreed, adding her experience at past national meetings showed her the “fantastic information” that can be provided by the NSBA.

“We know education is moving at a faster rate, like everything else,” and the up-to-date information is worthwhile, she said.

She suggested the program be evaluated by staff when evaluating its worth after one year.

The first-year membership reflects a discounted membership fee that will be $4,165 a year from now.