Our Opinion: Sign up for a library card today

Published 8:26 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

Every September across the country, the American Library Association celebrates a month called Library Card Sign-up Month. Throughout the month, the association reminds people of the value of library cards.

A library card is a ticket to not only educational resources but also personal and family entertainment. Just a few minutes with a good book can take you for a walk into a new world.

Whether you want to check out books, DVDs or other resources, you must have a library card to be able to access these. September was first designated as Library Card Sign-up Month in 1988, as a continuation of a national campaign launched the previous year.

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According to the American Library Association, studies show that children who are read to in the home and who use the library, perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library as a source of lifetime learning.

If you don’t have a library card, now’s the perfect chance to get signed up for one.

Take the first step toward academic achievement and lifelong learning.