Letter: ‘Atheism is out of touch with reality’

Published 9:23 am Thursday, September 8, 2016

The instructions for building and operating a human being are written with just four letters, abbreviated A, T, C and G representing four chemicals arranged like steps strung along a thin helical ladder.

This DNA ladder is about 2 meters long but only 2 nanometers wide, and it’s all packed into a tiny ball (nucleus) about 5 micrometers in diameter. To put this into perspective, imagine a 3,100 mile long clothes line rope that has instruction sentences (genes) written on it, some short, some long. Now take all 3,100 miles of rope and pack it into an average-sized two story house, make it into about 10,000 loops that are not tangled and can be spooled. Sections of the rope must be mobile enough to be moved around in the house so they can be brought along side of another part of the line that might be 50 miles down line to complete a sentence that can be “downloaded” into a factory that builds the parts and assembles them into skin cells, brain cells, etc..

Karolinska Institute stated that the “grammar” of the human genetic code is more complex than the most intricate languages in the world. The only thing that comes closer in complexity would be high level computer languages, but even those pale against the genome code because human written code goes only in one direction, one character/word at a time. The genome has information that be read in forward or reverse, 3 dimensional code that overlaps other code, and more.

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Atheism is out of touch with reality.

Phil Drietz,