Brian Hensley: Dornink is gem of a person

Published 9:43 am Thursday, September 22, 2016

By Brian Hensley

By far my favorite part of being involved in politics is getting to meet new people.  A few of those people you meet for about 8 seconds as you drop a piece of literature at their door as you are hoping they or their dogs don’t bite.  Every now and then, you get to spend many hours with them.

These people are usually are either a really involved volunteer or a candidate during their campaign.  You get to see how they handle the stress of making quick decisions, learning information that is completely new to them, and juggling and prioritizing all the items in a campaign.  You get to see how they interact with volunteers, donors, family, spouses, and kids when others aren’t looking.  You get to see how they think.  You get to see if they have an ego, are they “in it” for the right reasons, just for themselves, or for a particular cause.  You see behind the curtain and see what really makes them tick.

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Folks – if you remember nothing else from this article or maybe any other I write – remember this – Gene Dornink is a gem of a person running for State Senate this year.  You need to meet this man, shake his hand, and look him in the eye.

Far from being a career politician, Gene Dornink would tell you he is an average guy who has worked hard to raise a family and build his families own corner of the “American Dream” on a 5-acre lot.  Gene has lived and worked alongside people from all walks of life and has not built his understanding of the everyday, hard-working Minnesota from political bias or intellectual history.  He has learned it from hard work, making sacrifices to raise his large family, and from his faith.

Gene Dornink:

•Grew up on a family dairy farm

•Attended and graduated Austin Vo-Tech (now called Riverland Community College.)

•Works in residential and commercial construction as a carpenter.

•Member of Carpenter’s Local Union No. 1382

•Small business owner since 2009

•Married to his wife Vicky for 31 years and they have raised 12 children.

One bill -One vote:  Gene Dornink believes that voters should know where their state senator stands on an issue.  Each bill should carry one issue, and be voted yes or no.  Political games of “caught you” need to be eliminated.  We have seen the trouble this caused and the confusion this past session when even our 4 term Senator says he “accidently” voted for metro trains.

Term Limits:  Gene Dornink believes democracy is a citizen’s government and should not become a lifetime career.  Serve a maximum of three terms, then step aside and allow a new citizen to serve.  This will ensure best ideas to move Minnesota don’t get trapped and killed by several lifetime politicians.

Pro-Business and Pro-Jobs:  Gene Dornink supports policies that will make Minnesota competitive against our border cousins.  We must support the small businesses and families in our district that are highly impacted by overbearing policy-makers.  Permits, taxes, fees, special-use taxes, and property taxes all hinder an employer’s ability to increase wages for employees.

Supports Local Farms and Agribusinesses:  Gene Dornink will stand-up for area farmers and supporting businesses who continue to be over-taxed and have their farm land over-regulated by outside groups like OSHA, EPA, MPCA, and all their friends.  Farmers are amazing stewards of their land, and realize the importance of conservation of their land for future generations.  St. Paul politicians don’t have any connection to our area farms and less understanding of how they operate.

Efficient and sensible government spending:  Gene Dornink believes government should operate like a family and live within their means.  Every idea needs to be thought through and wants versus needs carefully discussed.  The solution to many problems does not simply involve increasing taxes and spending more.

Fixing MNSure:  Gene Dornink believes that MN Sure has been a complete debacle that has wasted over $275 million of your dollars that were paid in taxes.  A solution must be found and that solution must involve bring real healthcare reform to make Minnesota the nation’s leader in common-sense solutions.

Pro-Education:  Gene Dornink will fight for returning control to the local teachers and school boards, and having local experts make practical, informed decisions for their schools.  Power should be in the classroom not St. Paul.

Protecting and defending all human life:  From the unborn to the elderly protecting human life is non-negotiable with Gene Dornink.

Second Amendment Rights:  Gene Dornink supports second amendment rights and is a concealed-carry permit holder.

His beliefs are important but the character of this candidate and man are unquestionable.  Residents in the 27th Senate District would be proud to call Gene Dornink their State Senator.  I urge you meet him before the election and hopefully decide to vote for him Nov. 8.

Brian Hensley is Chairman of the Freeborn County Republican Party and local financial advisor with Intego Financial Group.  Brian also serves on the City of Albert Lea Parks and Recreation Board.  All opinions are his and do not necessarily reflect those of the organizations he is associated with.