A sizzlin’ music experience; Hormel Black Label partners with Reggie Watts to tout innovation

Published 10:28 am Friday, September 23, 2016


Hormel Foods Corp. is sizzling up its latest bacon campaign by delving into the entertainment side.

Touting its own innovation in the bacon industry, Hormel Black Label bacon is partnering with innovators in all fields including musician, actor and comedian Reggie Watts (@reggiewatts on Twitter and Instagram) in a first-of-its kind musical bacon creation: The Reggie Watts Bacon Experience.

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The Reggie Watts Bacon Experience fuses Watts’ love of bacon with his genre-busting style to bring to life an innovative musical experience using the sounds of bacon.

“Like Hormel Black Label bacon, Reggie Watts is always one step ahead of the industry, reimagining music, comedy and performance art to create his own unique brand of entertainment, which makes him the perfect partner to help us push bacon forward,” said Steve Venenga, vice president of marketing at Hormel Foods, in a press release.


Hormel is pairing with Reggie Watts for The Reggie Watts Bacon Experience. Photo provided

Hormel Foods touted Watts innovative style as a fitting companion to its Hormel Black Label’s innovation, which includes powering a motorcycle trip on bacon grease and launching the International Bacon Film Festival.

To watch a video, listen to the track and engage with other Hormel Black Label bacon revolutionary and multi-sensory bacon creations from the past, present and future go to BlackLabelBacon.com.

The makers of Hormel Black Label bacon are also pushing bacon’s boundaries by funding innovators in all fields, who create bacon-centric projects on Kickstarter, with the bounty of bacon they need to bring their idea to life. For a chance to get backed with bacon follow two easy steps: create a bacon-centric Kickstarter project, and then share the live project URL with the makers of Hormel Black Label bacon on Twitter or Facebook. To learn more about the Hormel Black Label bacon Kickstarter campaign go to BlackLabelBacon.com.

“Innovation is central to our mission of celebrating the exceptional, pushing bacon craftsmanship forward and bringing better bacon into more homes,” Venenga said in the release. “We are excited to support bacon innovators that share our passion on Kickstarter and look forward to seeing what they will create using our premium bacon.”

The bacon innovation continues this fall when the Hormel Black Label bacon brand adds even more cutting-edge bacon products and experiences, including its new 16-ounce Double Smoked bacon. Be the first to know more by following Hormel Black Label bacon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.