Summer for Friends: The season of warmth opens up to time with friends

Published 6:01 am Monday, August 8, 2016

Personally, summer is my favorite time of the year. The grass is greener, days are longer, nights are shorter and time goes by much faster. This makes it the perfect time to try new things, spend time outside, relax and enjoy days with friends and family.

The great thing about the season is that even if you are sitting at home bored, you still have so many options to do something to keep you occupied. Because of the pleasant weather throughout these few months, there are many opportunities to get outside and do some thing fun.

One of my favorite things to do this season is explore the town. I enjoy finding places that I’ve never known about, trying new things and getting more familiar with Austin.

Lilla Parada explores Austin’s Nature Center for the day. Jora Bothun/

Lilla Parada explores Austin’s Nature Center for the day. Jora Bothun/

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I’ve found cool restaurants, flower shops, antique stores, book stores and more. It’s a good opportunity to be more familiar with your home-town and make the most of where you’re living. Most of my favorite places in Austin have been discovered when I’m venturing around town.

I also enjoy spending time with my friends throughout the summer. Due to all the free time and sunny days, I’m usually always spending time outside with my friends.

Whether it’s going boating, shopping, having camp fires, walking around the nature center or roaming around town, we are always enjoying the time we have together.

With all the activities there are in the summer, it also important to unwind, and have a day to yourself. Having more time in the day makes it a lot easier to have a relaxed day and take it easy.

It’s surprising how many things there are to do in small-town Austin. Always be sure to explore the options. Enjoy the nice weather, try new things and make the most of the season. There is some thing for every one to do in the summer.