Letter: ObamaCare continues to crush southern Minnesota

Published 9:08 am Thursday, July 28, 2016

According to recent news reports, Minnesota’s ObamaCare premiums are poised to shoot up again next year and 100,000 Minnesotan families will receive cancellation notices from Blue Cross Blue Shield and be forced to find new health insurance plans for 2017.

To nobody’s surprise, incumbent Democratic Congressman Tim Walz has said nothing about these devastating ObamaCare developments. In fact, since voting for ObamaCare in 2009, Walz has demonstrated no discernible compassion for the problems and escalating costs ObamaCare has imposed upon First District Residents.

Remember, it was Walz who promised that under ObamaCare we would be able to “keep our current doctors, keep our current health insurance plans and save $2,500 per year.” Everything Walz promised- including that he would live under the same ObamaCare as the rest of us- turned out to be double-talk and deception.

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Tens of thousands of southern Minnesotans are paying two or three times more for health insurance today than before ObamaCare, with many families paying more than $15,000 per year with deductibles so high the underlying insurance is all but worthless.

Nonetheless, Walz refuses to address ObamaCare’s serious problems or engage voters on the issue. His multi-year refusal to hold public news conferences and open-ended Town Hall meetings is damning evidence that the ObamaCare is a political albatross hanging around his neck and a huge reason Wals should be defeated in November.

Ethan D. Young,